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About Us

Looking to join a friendly, welcoming group of geeks & nerds? Are you a fan of games, anime, science fiction and fantasy films, and tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons? Our club features active Discord group chat and Minecraft servers, several D&D campaigns, seasonal events, and regular show, movie, and board game nights. You are sure to find a home here with GN Culture!

We run many fun D&D campaigns and always welcome new players too!

We love to watch shows and movies together, from Sci-Fi to anime and everything in between.


Very social, friendly group of epic people!!

What do we do?

Please sign up and reach out to us to join our Discord community! In the Fall, we also hope to return to many fantastic in-person events!

Social Group Games

We play events live remotely through sites like Roll20 and fun games like Jackbox Party Pack! We also have a Minecraft server that everyone is welcome to join, and we hope to continue growing the community going forward! :)

What will we watch?

In the past, we've watched tons of cool anime, television series, and films: for example, together we saw Castlevania, Cowboy Bebop, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Dr. Stone, The Matrix, Coraline, Shrek 1 & 2, Gremlins, and many more fan favorites. We are also major fans of Studio Ghibli, Marvel, and more!









Our Team

Here are our E-Board leaders for the semester. We are looking forward to great times ahead, and have been working hard to create plans that will make sure that things are awesome throughout the year!

Emma Davis
Katherine Zarember
Lance Constantino
Kenneth Hardy
Social Facilitator
Brendan Kuhn

What are you waiting for!? Join us if you want to:

Play Minecraft on a FREE, non-whitelisted Ramapo server!

All club members have access to the IP without the need for any complicated VPN sign-ins.

Play RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons!

We have a variety of both recent and experienced players and always welcome newcomers.

Meet more people at Ramapo and get to know everyone!

We have a very active Discord server that is open to everyone who joins the club.

Club Video

WATCH HERE to find out what we're all about:

Join us on Archway right HERE: