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There’s a man working on a project and his son comes up to him and says “Dad I want to play” but the dad says “no I have to get my project done” but the son keeps pestering him. So what the dad does is take out a magazine and in this magazine there's a globe and he tears the globe up into 500 pieces and he says “here son put this puzzle together.” The son comes back two minutes later with the puzzle completed. The dad ask “how did you get the puzzle done so quickly?” the boy said “on the back of the globe there was a man” and the son said, “if I can fix the man, I can fix the world” as Brothers Making A Difference we believe that we are the sons of this world, and to fix this world, we need to fix ourselves starting with education, we build an environment of healthy education, empowerment, prosperity, and freedom in a climate of mis-education, treating people the way they want to be treated, look to savage inequalities, dismantle social/psychological slavery, and unify the circumstance for men of the African Diaspora, and to be able to follow the true doctrine of human equality by climbing as high as he is able to climb and willing to go we commission this constitution for Brothers Making a Difference.









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