Programs and Events

Per SGA, it is required that your organization holds at least 3 in person events per semester (when we are on campus) or 1 virtual event if we are remote. Planning and executing events can be stressful and challenging, so this area is to help elevate some of those challenges.

The Why?

The first step to event planning is to establish the "why" of the event. This provides a purpose and can help you frame the event details around it

The why can be:

  • To raise money for a charity or philanthropy
  • Provide a fun experience for our club members
  • Provide resources for a cause
  • Educate members about professional opportunities after graduation

When you see different purposes for an event, it is easier to see why the planning might be different for each one. They have different timelines, requirements, and budgets.

Create a plan

After you have the why, create a checklist for your event. Since each event will have a different "why", the checklist will be different too.

Programming Ideas

Due to the coronavirus all programs must be held virtually for clubs and organizations.

Programming is stressful! You want to create an event that will attract a lot of people, will be fun, and is unique! The challenge is that every organization wants this too! Work with your club members and officers to brainstorm ideas, talk to CSI, other offices on campus, look online, and if you can't create a never before seen program, that's ok! You just need to make sure the program you host is executed perfectly and people have a great time!

Here are some ideas for you in case you are having challenges brainstorming.

Music and Movies
  • Netflix Party
  • Karaoke Nights
  • Open Mic Nights
  • Virtual Concerts
  • Dance Competitions
Art and Culture
  • Book Club
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Cooking and Club Meals
  • Guest Speakers
  • Art Lessons
  • Online Volunteering
  • Trivia
  • Digital Game
  • Bracket Challenges

Virtual Program Ideas

For a more complete list with suggestion please go here: Virtual Program Ideas