Student Activities Revenue Management (SARM)

SARM is the financial hub for CSI. SARM will help your clubs access and process funding for club activities. This is help center to provide you guidance, but if you have any questions please email


SARM is responsible for processing payments for your organization. There are 3 main ways to pay for items: P-cards, checks, & reimbursements. Find out more about the payment options below.


Purchasing Cards are office credit cards that can be reserved by your club. There are several restrictions for p-cards, so click the link to learn more.

Check Request

A check request is needed for vendors and guest speakers for services rendered. This is the preferred method of payment for the College.


There are times when you will need to pay for an item and be reimbursed from club funds. There are two types of reimbursements: Travel and Non-Travel. It is important to learn about restrictions and requirements prior to requesting a reimbursement.

Online Orders

SARM has a Amazon Prime Business Account and requires that any organization that is using their budget and/or raised revenue order items using our Online Order Process.

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Clubs and Organizations are allowed to distribute prizes for events and activities. Currently, you are only allowed to give out Ramapo Dollars, a gift card to the book store, or a specific item (not a different vendor gift card). There is a specific process for prizes.

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